"Serving the children of the world."



2017-2018 Club Officers

(pictured l-r:  Steve Brown, Past President ; Kelley Nease, Treasure;  Kevin Wirt, President ;  Doug Ganger, President-Elect; Neal Thomas,  Vice President;  Chris Pottratz, Secretary; (seated) David Newkirk, Kiwanis Lt. Governor of the Explorer Division.  


Many thanks to the 2016 - 2017 Officers, who served during the club's 100th year!

(pictured l-r:  Kevin Wirt, President-Elect; Robert J. Butler, Past President; Kelley Nease, Treasurer; Dick Brown, President; Brian Barnard, Secretary; (seated) Richard R. White, Kiwanis Lt. Governor of the Explorer Division.  Not pictured: Doug Ganger, Vice President.